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  • Tin Box 10 April 2017

    Decoration is a need of human cultural life. Decorative symbol has the important characteristics and markings of human culture. Its meaning and symbol are often greater than applicator.

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  • Tin Printing Introduction 6 April 2017

    The printing process, put a piece of iron printing color, use the oven and bake for forty minutes until the ink is dry. The next color printing, it is something like that. After color...

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  • Different Types of Tin Boxes 31 March 2017

    Our long-term products are: moon cake cans, iron tea cans, coffee cans, biscuit cans, health products cans, beauty cans, hand cans, piggy banks, sealed cans, coffee cans, wine cans,...

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  • The Tinplate Development And Benefits 23 March 2017

    Green packaging is the trend of product packaging industry development, and tin packaging is undoubtedly in line with this condition of environmental protection material.

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  • Cooperation Between China and Vietnam 15 January 2017

    Communist Party chiefs of China and Vietnam agreed in Beijing on Thursday that two countries should expand cooperation in various fields...

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  • 3-piece Tin Box 15 January 2017

    The 3-piece tin box developing speed is ahead of that of 2-piece tin box, statistics show that the yearly 3-piece tin box production capability is 10.5 billion sets, 40% is beverage...

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  • Tin Box Making Centers 15 January 2017

    Beijing and Shanghai are the other important 2-piece tin box making centers, the other 2-piece tin box making companies are distributed in Hebei, Shandong and other provinces.

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  • Raw Material Price Increases 15 January 2017

    At the end of 2016, the raw material price increases more than 30%, it is a cold winter for tin package. More heavy pollution factories are inspected and some disqualified factories...

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  • 2017 New Year Celebration 15 January 2017

    The 2017 New Year Celebration will be open in the evening of Jan. 18, the people who will join the celebration will be CEO of Fengzhao Group, Max Tin Cans suppliers, brother...

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  • Max Tin Cans’ Jiang Su Factory 15 January 2017

    Max Tin Cans’ Jiang Su factory will be starting to produce tin box on Jan. 10, Jiang Su factory will be the center of China East market.

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