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Candy Tins

Because candy tins, sweet tins and candy can are widely use in the packaging of food tins and other high-end gifts.

Metal packaging can bring the contents of the distinctive, metal packaging has always been heavy texture; decorative sense of glory, the performance of candy gift box packaging is even more so. Some candy, the use of carton packaging, so that it presents a series of products on the shelves of neat, with a strong visual impact.

Qingyuan candy cans are now the domestic metal packaging gift box, that a variety of festivals, celebrations, commemorative activities launched the main. Such as the 2006 hot unusual wedding market, but also the candy of the metal packaging has a chance to show their skills. Different types of candy packaging can be used as friends, family gifts between each other; it can be companies, business partners presented between the high-end gifts... In short, the decorative effect of metal packaging, mainly by the contents of the different decisions. Candy metal packaging, in addition to protection and storage, beautification and publicity functions, but also reflect the contents of the precious and delicious sense, with "teaser up to ceremony" effect. Such as the Shanghai Guansheng Yuan, in order to celebrate Taiwan and Shanghai for the first time navigation and launch of the commemorative edition of "rabbit" chocolate metal gift box, using violin modeling design, beautiful curves, Shanghai classical and Taiwan fashion perfect union.

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