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Cookie Tins

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This cookie tin box every product is a three-piece structure of heaven and earth, UV ink printing process, the outer surface of the biscuit tin foil over the oil, the internal food-grade gold oil, not only enhance the biscuit tin box gloss, but also effective protection The shelf life of the product. Outside the lid, there are coiling lines, easy to use, the use of convex-convex process, punching out a diameter of 182mm concave, printed on the concave face of fine characters, the rest of the fresh box background printing, doll fonts cute, full of vitality, highlighting children's style. The bottom of the box is also used convex process, the metal stamping out a triangular base, gongs at the end of the nest box structure.


cookie tin specifications

Producing Process of our tins of cookies:

cookie tin producing process

Advantages of our cookie tins for sale:

1. Cookie tins: Max Tin Cans uses high quality tinplate and printing ink.

2. Custom cookie tin is acceptable: Max Tin Cans can make the design and print according to the customers’ requirement. Max Tin Cans manufacturer has a strong mould making team.

3. MOQ of cookie tins: Max Tin Cans can meet the requirements as the market need.

4. Good service: Max Tin Cans manufacturer has good service, which can help our customers buy best cookie tins with a reasonable price form China. Max Tin Cans just treats our customers as friends as well as the family.

5. Good Quality: Max Tin Cans manufacturer has strict quality control system to ensure the quality of our cookie tins.

6. Max Tin Cans also can supply free samples for your reference.


1. Put it in a ventilated and dry place, because cookie tins are made of tinplate, the material whose ingredient is iron, which will rust when, meets water.

2. Do not drop. Empty cookie tins are easy to be deformed by heavy drops.

3. Be careful of scratches. To print on the tin box is in order to make it beautiful. Printing is easy to be damaged by sharp, tough, hard things.

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