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Gift Tin

It’s made of tin, it divided into 2 types, which are tinplate and matte tin, QINGYUAN MAX TIN CANS MANUFACTURING CO., LTD. (MAX TIN CANS) is expert in production of above 2 types, in our catalogue, we also called them cookie tins.

1, Now the gift of exquisite appearance of beautiful, so the production version of the color is varied, usually a style of gift box not only has four basic colors and a few spot colors, such as gold, silver these are the spot color.

2, hand-made bamboo basket Packaging, pure original ecology, design novel, durable, low-carbon environmental protection, can be widely used in fruit, fungi, eggs, food, Cured products such as agricultural and sideline products packaging.

3, the election cardboard, cardboard boxes are generally cardboard or long cardboard to do. More use of the thickness of 3mm-6mm cardboard with a manual mounted external decorative surface, bonding molding.

4, surface treatment, gift boxes of paper usually do surface treatment, the common is too.

5, beer, beer is the printing process in the more important part, to be sure to be accurate to do the standard mold, if the beer are not allowed, the beer bias, over the dull oil, over the dull oil, Beer will continue to affect these follow-up processing .7, mounted, usually printed after the first paper is mounted, but the gift box is mounted after the first beer, one is afraid to get flower paper, the second is to pay attention to the overall appearance of gift boxes, Must be handmade, this can reach a certain beauty.

To be the best cookie tins manufacturer, we provide customize service, and all of our products are for sale, welcome to buy form us.

  • christmas-gift-tin
    Christmas Gift Tin20 January 2017

    Christmas each year, Christmas gift tins, the biggest hot spot is that you can receive a beautifully packaged Christmas gift. This Christmas rectangular metal box, the use of sculpture, vivid...

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  • easter-gift-tin
    Easter Gift Tin20 January 2017

    Easter is a festival to commemorate the resurrection of Jesus Christ; the Western Christian countries have this section. In the Western church tradition, the first Sunday after the first full moon...

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  • halloween-gift-tin
    Halloween Gift Tin20 January 2017

    Halloween is a traditional festival every year in Western countries. This night is a night that people think will be \"haunted\", so called \"Halloween.\"

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  • wedding-gift-tin
    Wedding Gift Tin20 January 2017

    Into 2010, the wedding tins of the items have undergone fundamental changes; the wedding candy tins are also a change again, from a single species development to a wide range of styles, Box printed...

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  • promotion-gift-tin
    Promotion Gift Tin20 January 2017

    Promotion is to marketers to consumers about the enterprise and product information, to persuade or attract consumers to buy their products, in order to achieve the purpose of expanding sales.

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