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Lunch Tin Box

Lunch tin box, is made of tinplate, and it is very popular in the packaging of children’s products and some tools. It is produced by Qingyuan Max Tin Cans Manufacturing Co., Ltd., who is expert in lunch tin box production.

For its colorful and attractive looking, it is widely used as packaging for children’s love thing, such as chocolates, cookie, candy, toys, etc. Because of its plasticity and different printing processes, it can be packaged gift, cosmetic kit or some other high-end products. They are full of attraction and popular with customers. All of our lunch tin boxes are in wholesale.

Our best lunch tin box is with good quality and it owns many customers and many good praises from them. To be an outstanding manufacturer among a great number of lunch tin box manufacturers, Qingyuan Max Tin Cans Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is working hard on owning our customers and expanding the market share. We have had the complete production line—printing, cutting, punching and packaging so that we can reduce the sourcing and logistic and shorten the production cycle basically.

Welcome friends from all over the world to visit our factory. If orders, will be much appreciated.

  • lunch-box-tin
    Lunch Box Tin13 January 2017

    Custom size plastic handle lunch box tin are high demanded in international product packaging market. They appears to be high-end, suitable for popular gift packaging.

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  • 1lunch-tin-box
    Lunch Tin Box 13 January 2017

    It is a high demanded of food grade handle lunch tin box in international product packaging market. They appears to be high-end, suitable for popular gift packaging, especially children stuff.

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  • tin-lunch-box
    Tin Lunch Box13 January 2017

    The material of tin lunch tin produced by Max Tin Cans manufacturer is tinplate. Compared with other packaging materials, tinplate is obvious superiority.

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