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Round Popcorn Tins

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Round popcorn tins are very popular in international tin can market. At present, people actually tinplate packaging food or some misunderstanding that canned food unsafe unsanitary, in fact, people think so wrong. Round popcorn tin mainly has the following advantages:

Nutritious, healthier: to retain the nutrients of fresh raw materials, and does not contain harmful additives, and thus canned food is safe, nutritious, healthy a good choice. Variety, selection:

Open the tinplate packaging of food is a Gan purpose, can help you save a lot of busy in the kitchen. Environmental protection and energy-saving green food: cans of the packaging are able to degrade, there is no pollution to the environment;


round popcorn tin specification

Producing Process of our round popcorn tins:

processing process of round popcorn tins

Advantages of our tin of popcorn:

1. Round popcorn tins: Max Tin Cans uses high quality tinplate and printing ink.

2. Custom round popcorn tin is acceptable: Max Tin Cans can make the design and print according to the customers’ requirement. Max Tin Cans manufacturer has a strong mould making team.

3. MOQ of round popcorn tins: Max Tin Cans can meet the requirements as the market need.

4. Good service: Max Tin Cans manufacturer has good service, which can help our customers buy best round popcorn tins with a reasonable price form China. Max Tin Cans just treats our customers as friends as well as the family.

5. Good Quality: Max Tin Cans manufacturer has strict quality control system to ensure the quality of our round popcorn tins.

6. Max Tin Cans also can supply free samples for your reference.


1. Put it in a ventilated and dry place, because round popcorn tins are made of tinplate, the material whose ingredient is iron, which will rust when, meets water.

2. Do not drop. Empty round popcorn tins are easy to be deformed by heavy drops.

3. Be careful of scratches. To print on the tin box is in order to make it beautiful. Printing is easy to be damaged by sharp, tough, hard things.